Become a member today!
Become a member today!
Submitted: 1/19/2016 | SEEME

  • Sagitta Test Server
    • Sagitta test server hosted by Vertafore for our members.
    • Each SAUCI member agency is given a login to our Sagitta Online test server.

  • Sagitta Day Conference
    • Addressing the important issues facing our agencies at National Conference.
    • SAUCI also helps set the tech agenda at Power Users conference.

  • Advocacy to Vertafore
    • SAUCI takes the concerns of our membership to Veratfore to find answers.

Our strength is from our amazing members. The more members we have, the bigger voice we have to make Sagitta the best system possible. JOIN US and be part of our SAUCI-swagger!

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